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This 3-month hands-on approach will completely transform your mindset from fear, overwhelm, and lack to a mindset of freedom, creativity, and abundance  through an elevated design of coaching videos, digital materials, and 1-1 coaching.

90-Day Mindset Makeover

The Steps to Success

This transformational program uses the foundations of Consciousness and The Law of Attraction and offers expedited self-discovery by way of the Enneagram. The 90-Day Mindset Makeover uses NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) tactics to untrain and retrain your brain to actually implement change in your life, beginning with the beliefs you have in your mind. It is designed for busy humans who want to incorporate efficient yet lasting change into their lives, and includes weekly videos, habits, and mantras in addition to 1-1 coaching.


I am happy and humbled to have used this proven system to coach business owners, startup entrepreneurs, leaders, people in job transition, parents with side hustles, stay-at-home moms, athletes, college students, and people looking for partners and community to actually believe they deserve success and fulfillment, learn how to ask for help, and overcome self-limiting beliefs to truly create their fate. This program is offered on a limited basis and is available through application. Please inquire for more information if this speaks to you.

My Intentions For This Program


How the Program Works

How is the year going for you? Have you been feeling a little scattered, questioning your direction? Questioning your knowledge and purpose in the world? Having mixed feelings between counting your time away, hoping the next month comes fast but not sure where the last six months went? If you want to take ownership of your life and are ready to commit to discovering your absolute best life ever, The 90-Day Mindset Makeover is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What if I told you that your life could be completely different in 3 months? What would you change? What would you want to be different?

Would you believe me if I told you that you have the complete power to change your life? You only have to do one thing first.

You have to change your mind.

Change your mind, change your life! Your thoughts create your future. You, right now, in this exact moment that you are reading this was created by the thoughts you thought in your past.

The Mindset Coaching I use is designed to create positivity from the inside out so you can experience personal and professional development & growth, self-awareness, nonjudgement, and open-mindedness to challenge and change.

The Enneagram is a personality test serving as the foundation for spiritual growth, bringing awareness to habits, fears, and beliefs - and why these all ring true for you. By understanding the why, you can begin to be aware of your hurdles and create healing pathways to overcome them.

The two together create a very unique approach, allowing you to synergistically identify and break down fears, habits, patterns, and triggers that would keep you from success. The best part? We replace them with healthy self-awareness, new habits, and positive beliefs and self-talk along with an action plan to achieve your potential and what you know, deep down, to be your true purpose.

The course consists of an Enneagram Assessment & Review, pre-recorded coaching videos, virtual one-on-one coaching, a 12-week digital journal that includes light homework to break down old patterns and form new habits to design Your Best Life Ever.

This program is completely virtual and accessible globally. There are multiple packages to choose from depending on your availability and budget.

If you’re not where you want to be in life, spinning in circles and working way too hard getting nowhere, stop asking yourself, “What I am doing wrong?!” It's not what you’re doing wrong – it’s what you’re thinking wrong.


"Going through the 90-day mindset makeover program, it's been completely life-changing... I'm in a completley different place."

Justine V.

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