90-Day Mindset Makeover

90-Day Mindset Makeover

The 90-Day Mindset Makeover

How is the year going for you? Have you been feeling a little scattered, questioning your direction? Questioning your knowledge and purpose in the world? Having mixed feelings between counting your time away, hoping the next month comes fast but not sure where the last six months went? If you want to take ownership of your life and are ready to commit to discovering your absolute best life ever, The 90-Day Mindset Makeover is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

What if I told you that your life could be completely different in 3 months? What would you change? What would you want to be different?

Would you believe me if I told you that you have the complete power to change your life? You only have to do one thing first.

You have to change your mind.

Change your mind, change your life! Your thoughts create your future. You, right now, in this exact moment that you are reading this was created by the thoughts you thought in your past.

How the The Program works

Get ready for a three-month total mind transformational virtual coaching course designed to take you from a mindset of lack, self-doubt, and comparison to self-awareness, trust, and abundance. Imagine waking up each morning not feeling guilty for all of the things you didn't do yesterday. Not feeling anxious about all of the things you have to do today. Imagine being able to ask for help. To have a plan. And actually feel confident about it...because you trust yourself.

What would that mean for you?

The 12-week design

The Mindset Coaching I use is designed to create positivity from the inside out so you can experience personal and professional development & growth, self-awareness, nonjudgement, and open-mindedness to challenge and change.

The Enneagram is a personality test serving as the foundation for spiritual growth, bringing awareness to habits, fears, and beliefs - and why these all ring true for you. By understanding the why, you can begin to be aware of your hurdles and create healing pathways to overcome them.

The two together create a very unique approach, allowing you to synergistically identify and break down fears, habits, patterns, and triggers that would keep you from success. The best part? We replace them with healthy self-awareness, new habits, and positive beliefs and self-talk along with an action plan to achieve your potential and what you know, deep down, to be your true purpose.

The course consists of an Enneagram Assessment & Review, pre-recorded coaching videos, virtual one-on-one coaching, a 12-week digital journal that includes light homework to break down old patterns and form new habits to design Your Best Life Ever.

This program is completely virtual and accessible globally. There are multiple packages to choose from depending on your availability and budget.

If you’re not where you want to be in life, spinning in circles and working way too hard getting nowhere, stop asking yourself, “What I am doing wrong?!” It's not what you’re doing wrong – it’s what you’re thinking wrong.

limited client intake, dependent on availability


what clients say

  • I participated in the 90-Day Mindset Makeover and cannot recommend enough! Completely life-changing. Meg has a background in Enneagram coaching and uses that as the foundation of her program and coaching. I had no idea how my personality type was impacting my decisions as a business owner and leader until going through this program. I thought I knew myself, but going through this program really helped me gain a deeper understanding and become a better leader and business owner. I highly recommend to any entrepreneurs or small business owners who are looking for growth or are feeling a little stuck. If you feel like something is holding you back, or maybe you don't feel it but aren't where you want to be in life or in your business, I highly recommend talking to Phoenix 8!

  • I cannot say enough good things about my coaching experience with Meg Ellis. She is professional, organized, direct, and MOST OF ALL seriously motivating. I had not worked with a career coach before, and I was a little worried it would be just a repeat of stuff I already knew (and thus a waste of time and money), but it very much was NOT. The knowledge and tools I learned throughout the 90-Day Mindset Makeover were invaluable. This program helped me get started on the exact right foot, and even if you don't have a ton of experience to bring to the table, that's ok, this is definitely still applicable. It's a lot of work (which is good!), but it's so worth it - the results will be huge! * 10/10 totally recommend! *

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