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Hey y’all – thanks for tuning in.

It’s my mission to help you lead a conscious life and to help you truly believe that you have the power to not only change your life, but to change your life into the one that you really want.

The life that fulfills you. The life filled with passion and reward. The life that excites you so much that you can’t wait to get out of bed in the morning.

I once led a life that didn’t excite me. I dreaded getting out of bed to fake my way through a failing marriage. I hated my 9-5 but was too fearful to make a change. I blamed other people for my problems and I was too invulnerable even to get to know myself on a deeper level.

Thank God I woke up from the unconscious life I was living. I want to help you wake up, too.

Wake up in your relationships. Wake up in your business. Wake up in your leadership. Wake up in your own mind.

Stop coasting. And wake up.

At some point, I changed my mind and realized that I didn’t want to blame anyone else for the problems in my life. I learned that my life is my responsibility, and that didn’t have to mean that I was to blame for everything going wrong. I learned that responsibility isn’t about blame – it’s about accepting the fact that you have the power to change your life at any moment.

Anything you want to change about your life? You have the power to do it.

I'm ready to create my fate

Create Your Fate

I realized that if I shifted my external focus from others onto myself, I could actually identify where my problems were rooted. Interesting enough, the problems I was blaming everyone else for were rooted in these four self-limiting beliefs:

  1. I don’t deserve it.
  2. I need other people’s approval.
  3. I can’t ask for help..
  4. What if they discover the real me.

Turns out, I’m not the only one who feels this way. I dedicated years of my life to healing these self-limiting beliefs and it is my mission to help you do the same.

Everything begins with yourself. (And if you think that is selfish, well, then we can work on that too.) Everything begins with you. And your mind. And your beliefs.

Everything begins with yourself. (And if you think that is selfish, well, then we can work on that too.) Everything begins with you. And your mind. And your beliefs.

  1. Take responsibility for your beliefs
  2. Take responsibility for your mind.
  3. Take responsibility for yourself.
  4. And that’s how you create your fate.

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If you tuned into the Create Your Fate Podcast Episode 15: How To Love Your Body, we reviewed the importance of positive self-talk.

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Have you ever had an idea? You don’t know exactly where to start, but you know that somehow, some way - it’s going to be big. Perhaps you’ve already started your idea but feel lost on what direction to take.

You are consumed with thoughts on how to grow your idea, and a fire burns within you each time you think about your dream actually becoming a reality.

But then life happens. You don’t have enough time, and you’re confused or burnt out. Your passion is no longer at the forefront of your mind. Maybe fear talks you into staying stagnant. 

How did this happen? You started off so strong, so confident, so authentic and passionate and now that fire that once burned fiercely is now a mere flicker. What happens next? Does your dream fade to nothing?

Well, of course not. Your dream is your passion. It is your purpose.

It is you. You are the phoenix.

The potential of your dream rises from the ashes, the flame refusing to yield. You decide to believe in yourself enough to do this, even if you don’t feel ready. You just need a little guided encouragement, that’s all.

Wherever you are on your journey to become the phoenix, I’m here to find your potential and explode it to the maximum so you can capitalize on every opportunity. I’ve developed eight specific steps - The Phoenix 8 - that will help grow your dream into a viable business, further develop the foundation you’ve laid, or help direct the expansion of your brand.

Let’s not be afraid to dream big! Together, let’s ignite the flame of your own passion. It’s meant for you. It is your purpose. It is your fate.

I Am Ready To Create My Fate


Mindsets are sneaky, and most of the time, you don’t even realize that your thinking is negative! I help guide you to be conscious of your thoughts to direct them towards positivity, thus attracting positive outcomes into your life.

Ever wonder why things just “don’t work out for you?” Do you constantly feel like you are working and pushing so hard…but getting nowhere? Do you think to yourself, “What am I doing wrong?” Here’s the kicker: It’s not what you’re doing wrong…it’s what you’re thinking wrong.

If you want to change your life, you must change your mind first. The results you experience in life manifest from your mindset, so you must be very careful to train your mind (or un-train your mind from previous self-limiting beliefs per se…) to tap into your full potential and achieve what you desire in life.

What exactly is manifesting? Manifesting is essentially turning your desires into a reality via your thoughts, actions, beliefs, and emotions.

Manifesting is not about thinking something in your head and instantly receiving what you want. Manifesting is about seeking and trusting the highest good, while learning to open yourself up to receive it. Instilling daily habits to train your mind in combination with pattern development of positive action results in desired outcomes. The best part? Learn how to have fun and be filled with excitement and peace along the way, instead of living in fear and dread.

I Want to Learn More About Making My Desires a Reality

The Enneagram

The Enneagram is a system of personality typing that identifies patterns of how people interpret the world based on a set of core beliefs, motivations, and fears. The system is described in nine personality types and maps how each of these types relates to one another.

Understanding how our own type forms our perceptions helps us to broaden our approach to situations more effectively. Understanding why someone else behaves the way they do and what motivates them allows us to understand confusing and contradictory behavior and help guide them to make decisions.

The Enneagram helps us understand how people react to stress and conflict as well as supportive and growth situations, providing solution-based opportunities for personal development and a cohesive work environment. It offers a powerful tool to better understand core motivations and apply that knowledge to conflict resolution, team dynamics, leadership and emotional intelligence. It identifies opportunities for development for each type and is a great tool for leadership, business development, and career aspirations.

The Enneagram incorporates a focus on internal spiritual growth that can be applied through understanding perspectives through which people see the world around them, making this a great resource for teams. It provides useful insight on how to best communicate and encourage you, while also shedding light on how you best receive feedback for growth.

For more information on how to receive your own personalized Enneagram Assessment or to see how Enneagram Coaching can help you or your team, send us an email!

To take my preferred Enneagram test, click the button below. I recommend taking a screenshot of your chart at the end.


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