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Brand coaching

When you hear “branding,” what do you think of? Logos? Fonts? Branding is so much more than the aesthetics of your logo or website - proper branding is meant to actually drive your business decisions and get your team invested in the same vision - your vision! See how our 8-week invested approach to branding can clarify your brand basics and help deliver a great brand experience to your identified target audience in order to drive customer traffic, conversion, and retention. Overwhelmed? Don’t worry - it is our absolute goal to keep the heart of YOU in your brand.

Vision coaching

Our Mastermind Vision Activation uses our proven Enneagram-based approach to determine your exact vision, identify the gaps in your existing systems and replace them with the exact steps needed for scalable and seamless growth. This customized intensive workshop will take you on a journey from your current state all the way to imagining and understanding your future state. Using mental, physical, and spiritual components, let us guide you through this journey to walk away with the exact roadmap you need to achieve your vision and dreams.

Virtual Services

Based out of Houston, Texas, we love to see clients face to face, but all services are also offered virtually! If you aren’t local or quite ready to take on the outside world yet, we have the capability to completely cater to your remote needs.

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what clients say

  • As an entrepreneur of 8 years with multiple businesses, I’ve worked with a few consulting firms in the past, none of them having an approach quite as intriguing as the one Phoenix 8 offers. Initially skeptical of personality tests, I was pleasantly surprised with the insight I gained about myself and how to best navigate my business — all based on the one thing most cookie-cutter consulting firms seem to look over in the past — me. It was helpful to have habits and mind processes identified that have continued to hold me back. The encouragement and guidance offered throughout the process is unparalleled, and I am grateful to Meg and her team.

  • I participated in the 90-Day Mindset Makeover and cannot recommend enough! Completely life-changing. Meg has a background in Enneagram coaching and uses that as the foundation of her program and coaching. I had no idea how my personality type was impacting my decisions as a business owner and leader until going through this program. I thought I knew myself, but going through this program really helped me gain a deeper understanding and become a better leader and business owner. I highly recommend to any entrepreneurs or small business owners who are looking for growth or are feeling a little stuck. If you feel like something is holding you back, or maybe you don't feel it but aren't where you want to be in life or in your business, I highly recommend talking to Phoenix 8!

  • I cannot say enough good things about my coaching experience with Meg Ellis. She is professional, organized, direct, and MOST OF ALL seriously motivating. I had not worked with a career coach before, and I was a little worried it would be just a repeat of stuff I already knew (and thus a waste of time and money), but it very much was NOT. The knowledge and tools I learned throughout the 90-Day Mindset Makeover were invaluable. This program helped me get started on the exact right foot, and even if you don't have a ton of experience to bring to the table, that's ok, this is definitely still applicable. It's a lot of work (which is good!), but it's so worth it - the results will be huge! * 10/10 totally recommend! *

  • Working with Meg and her team from Phoenix 8 helped me jump-start myself as an entrepreneur as a yoga instructor and in the fitness industry. The way they tailor the program to your business needs and how clear and concise the research is for the best success is worth every penny. Above all her passion and heart for helping build up people and businesses goes above and beyond.

  • I love Phoenix 8's unique approach to business consulting using the Enneagram. It's a fascinating way to look at how people interact with the world and manage their emotions. It was so helpful to my team and I in so many ways. Especially knowing when our co-workers function best and what their strengths and weaknesses are so I can better support them. Such a positive experience working with this talented team!

  • I have nothing but amazing things to say about Meg and her Phoenix 8 team. Being a small business owner myself, I had worked with many consultants over the years and it wasn’t until working with Meg’s team that I really experienced a consulting company being so invested and encouraging at the same time. They really care about my results and my people. I appreciate their flexibility and personal touch. I definitely recommend them to all small business owners!

  • I thought just because I had started my business years ago that I knew what I was doing when trying to expand. I found myself quickly overwhelmed and in over my head. Meg and her team worked with me and coached me through the entire process of bringing my business to the next level - and they were so friendly and supportive the whole time.

  • Phoenix 8 goes above and beyond to create positive and engaging interactions that challenge you, help you connect better with yourself and others, all while celebrating the unique and beautiful qualities you bring to the table.

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