Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Team Coaching

Let’s take a step back from cliche team-building exercises that are redundant and outdated. Before you ask your team members to understand each other, shouldn’t they understand themselves first? Imperatives for your team’s success such as communication, feedback, sales, and trust are all two-way streets. Rather than asking your employees to invest in and consider aspects outside of themselves, how about investing in your employees as individuals and as a collective team?

Imagine your office morale if everyone not only understood the method of communication being delivered, but also understood how to navigate to receive it!


Every business is different, and each team has different needs. Below are options that you may choose that best suit your desires for your team, growth, and business. If you’re unsure which route to take, schedule your free consultation and we’ll talk you through it, finding a custom solution that supports your exact vision.

Enneagram Assessment

Begin by having your team take the Professional Edition of Phoenix 8’s Preferred Enneagram Assessment. The assessment takes 10-20 minutes to complete and each team member will receive a digital PDF copy of your full report. You will get a complete list of the Team Assessment Results along with strengths and challenges of each personality type on your team.

Coaching Sessions For Team Members

Help your team develop personally and professionally through understanding their Enneagram type. We’ll focus on where distinct behaviors developed, why certain patterns have been established, and discover ways to grow as a team member and leader within your business. We will use the Enneagram as a foundation to capitalize on unique strengths, set and achieve goals, and improve team dynamics and communication.


Once your team members understand their own Enneagram types, provide them with a resource that will allow them to understand their team members as well. Host a workshop that focuses on specific issues to improve office morale and team dynamics such as communication, leadership, working together, feedback, and goal setting.

Aiming to empower your employees outside of the office? Host a sales workshop using the Enneagram to focus on their strengths and how to overcome their challenges to attract clients, convert sales, and retain customers!


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