Mindset And Life Coaching

Mindset and Life Coaching

Mindset And Life Coaching

Where did the last 6 months go? How am I still here? Will I ever get out of this rut? What do I do next?

If you find yourself thinking these thoughts, you’re not alone.

Somehow, we’ve ended up in a world filled with distractions - a world that keeps us coasting by with mindless busywork and comparison. Thoughts of what we “should” do and where we “should” be keep us from discovering more about who we really are, leaving us unfulfilled.

We are craving consciousness. We are craving mindfulness. We are craving connection.

Have you ever actually wondered why you do the things you do? Why you want the things you want? Why you fear the things you fear?

I use a tool called The Enneagram, which a system of personality typing rooted in spiritual growth, to purposefully discover all of the above. I help you identify your patterns of how you interpret the world based on a set of core beliefs, motivations, and fears. Together, we focus understanding where your habits and patterns come from. With this awareness, we can develop healthy ways to grow into who you truly want to be, set goals and put forth a strategy for action.


Using the Enneagram, we’ll figure out your personality type so we can identify behaviors, thought patterns, and habits and then figure out how you operate and communicate during times of stress and growth. Once we figure out how you tick, we’ll chat goals! Maybe you want to finally develop a healthy lifestyle and feel in control of your eating habits. Perhaps you’ve been consumed with thoughts of leaving an unfulfilling job and want to venture into a new career. Maybe you want to focus on relationships with other people. Regardless of what your goals are, let’s talk about them! Why do you want to achieve them? What’s keeping you from them? Maybe you want to have goals but haven’t identified them yet, and that’s okay too!

Enneagram Assessment

You’ll begin by taking an Enneagram Assessment. If you’ve taken one in the past or are familiar with the Enneagram, that’s a great start! If you are brand new to the Enneagram - don’t worry! I’ll explain how everything works after you take the assessment. I use a preferred test which takes about 10-20 minutes to complete. From there, we will go over every part - and you’ll take home a full report as well.

Coaching Sessions

Once we have an understanding of your Enneagram, where distinct behaviors come from, and why certain patterns have been established, let’s talk more about you! Present you. And future you! What do you want to work on? What are your goals? What are your intentions for moving forward with them?

Each session, we will touch base on your progress, using your Enneagram to best equip you with a clear roadmap to achieve your goals, establish successful time-management, overcome any fears, and develop a clear and confident mindset to keep your belief in self strong and steady as you discover more about who you are.

Coaching options include weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and are offered virtually. In-person option available. Coaching offered month-to-month with no long-term contract required.


I am a huge believer in writing things down! Putting thoughts into the physical world tells the universe that you are serious about what you want and will help keep you accountable! Digital worksheets are offered to focus on any relevant themes while keeping you accountable to your goals. Weekly Create Your Fate podcast episodes are released to serve as additional tools for growth.

Create Your Fate Podcast


what clients say

Phoenix 8 goes above and beyond to create positive and engaging interactions that challenge you, help you connect better with yourself and others, all while celebrating the unique and beautiful qualities you bring to the table.

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