Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

If you are a business owner, top level executive, team leader, or startup entrepreneur, listen up to the following Steps To Success:

Step 1: Relieve yourself of the pressure of needing to have all of the answers.

Step 2: Hire a coach!


Just because you had a great idea, doesn’t mean you have to know everything about everything. (Whew, that just feels good to say, right?) Using the Phoenix 8 Proven Enneagram-based approach, I help you gain self-awareness, expand your thinking, clarify goals and ways to achieve them based on your specific personality, and finally grow into the leader you are meant to be.

In addition to advising, strategizing and guiding, I always encourage continued education. Forget the generic book-of-the-month -- recommended resources range from podcasts to books to documentaries to mantras; from basic success principles into the metaphysical world; and are completely customized to you as a leader and where you are in your business.

Imagine feeling renewed showing up to the office without carrying the weight of working harder with no return, being unable to delegate or ask for help, and having someone in your corner as a sounding board!

Enneagram Assessment

You’ll begin by taking the Professional Edition of Phoenix 8’s Preferred Enneagram Assessment. The assessment takes 10-20 minutes to complete and you will receive a digital PDF copy of your full report.

Initial Coaching Session

Once we review and understand your Enneagram type, we’ll focus on where distinct behaviors developed and why certain patterns have been established. We will use the Enneagram as a foundation to overcome professional hurdles, understand your team, develop effective communication, and set and achieve goals.

Coaching Sessions

We will discuss your progress and your challenges, using the your Enneagram as a foundation to equip you with a clear roadmap to achieve your goals, establish successful time-management, overcome fears, and develop a clear and confident mindset to keep your belief in self strong and steady as you discover more about who you are - as a business owner, as a leader, as a human, and as yourself.

We’ll bring awareness to your potential and strategize how to unlock it, while focusing on success principles, leveraging yourself, work-life balance, and keeping the heart of you in your business.

Coaching options include weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and are offered virtually. Length of coaching contract dependent on scope and desire.


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