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Do It Anyway - with Kallie House

Watch Episode 84 with Kallie House:

When last did you feel the fear – and do it anyways? What has been that one decision you made that changed your life for the better? Kallie House is in the house on Create Your Fate with me, Meg Ellis, and we are having a conversation about why dreams should scare you

This is a heartwarming chat between two bold millennial women who are embracing the idea of being brave enough to do what's right for you as you forge a career for yourself in this new world of influence, entrepreneurship, fashion, and human connection

It starts with Kallie's past life as an educator and flows into her spilling the tea on the behind-the-scenes NY fitness scene and life as a SoulCycle instructor. There are leaps of faith that need to be taken as she launches her own apparel brand and makes sense of what is no longer serving her as a social media influencer

All along, I find myself soul cycling alongside Kallie, reflecting on the similar challenges I faced and the resultant moments of growth in my life. All of this makes for illuminating insight into how you can take inspiration from the audacity of courage to grow. Don’t you want to keep your soul cycling on an upward trajectory? Please join Kallie and I on this unforgettable episode of Create Your Fate.

"The biggest thing for me was figuring out what I didn't want to do." ~ Kallie House

"If you're going to fear anything, fear regret." ~ Meg Ellis

Listen to Episode 84 with Kallie House

In This Episode:

  • Kallie's origin story growing up outside DC
  • Life as a 5th grade teacher before becoming a SoulCycle instructor
  • Understanding boutique fitness
  • The ups and downs of making money on Instagram to sustain her life as a trainer
  • ‘Start off with what makes you excited’ – and then figure out what you don't want to do.
  • Appreciating that moment when social media is no longer serving you
  • Why do we seek external validation and approval from our peers?
  • Kallie's obsession with F1 Racing, Survivor, and Ferrari


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