The Secret to Being Confident

Published October 2nd, 2022 by Phoenixadmin

“Fake it til you make it!”

We’ve all heard this saying a time or two in our lives - pretend like you’ve made it until you actually have made it. Fake the confidence you need when you walk into a scary situation where you need to exude confidence. Would you be surprised to know that this is actually the wrong way to handle situations?! Yep! Once you learn how to feel truly confident on the inside, it will naturally resonate on the outside. But it has to start with you on the inside - it starts with just YOU! 

Why do you lack confidence?

Would you say you are a naturally confident person? Do you thrive off of faking it til you make it? If you do, how do you feel after? Maybe you are confident and feel good all the time, that’s great. Making the thought of faking it til you make it stresses you out so much that you never even make a move. Regardless of how confident you feel, how did you get here? Ever think about that?

It all comes down to nature versus nurture. Or should I say, nature AND nurture? There are plenty of studies out there that actually prove that some people are actually born more confident than others – it’s actually in our DNA.

One thing you need to realize is your confidence has nothing to do with other people. It has everything to do with YOURSELF. Just you. And this is amazing because it means that your confidence is completely under your control.

So how do you gain that confidence - it’s easier than you think, you just need consistency. Unconditional confidence comes from consistency. 

So what can you control consistently in your life to become unconditionally confident?

Choose to see things differently
Compare yourself to only you
Check-in with yourself
Cut the negative self-talk
Cancel perfection
Cultivate persistence

In order to truly start this journey to unconditional confidence, you have to love where you’re at - no more faking it til you make it, no more pretending to be someone you’re not! Whatever you do – do it for YOU! 

Want a deeper dive into the ways into becoming more unconditionally confident? Check out my podcast linked below! 

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