The Art of Changing Your Mind

Published December 1st, 2022 by Phoenixadmin

I’ve been on this kick lately, about losing the need for other people’s approval. Today I’m going to go over why changing our minds can be so scary, when it’s “okay” to change your mind, and how to know if you’re making the right decision…for YOU!

I know there’s a little bit of “taboo” around changing your mind – it’s selfish, irresponsible, you’re flaky, you don’t know what you want – and trust me, I’m going to get into all of that. But because I’m focusing on building your own personal power, I must bring in a point about your personal integrity – because integrity to yourself is more important than integrity to anyone else. I know – unpopular opinion. I’m going to say that one more time. Integrity to yourself is more important than integrity to anyone else. 

Are you walking in the right direction?

If you don’t take the time to figure it out, you’ll potentially end up somewhere you don’t want to be.

Consider these questions:

What are some of your desires? (Based on what feels RIGHT for you.)
What are your values? What’s the foundational code that you live by? What’s important to you? What do you…value?
I value peace of mind.
I value my mental health.
I value treating others with kindness and respect.
I value flexibility.
I value creating an impact on those around me.

And lastly – list out some of your passions, what are you passionate about? What lights you up?

Desires, values, passions. Are you walking in the right direction? If you continue down the exact path you are on, will you get closer to these things or farther away from them? Do you need to change course and tweak it a bit, or do you need to turn around altogether and start walking the other way? Either way, if you are not going to get closer to your desires, your values, and your passions doing the things you are doing now….you might need to change your mind about what direction to walk.

Are you scared to change your mind?

Are you scared to announce that you’ve changed your mind?

When was the last time you said, “I changed my mind.” Period.

Why are you going back to school? Because I changed my mind.

Why are you changing careers? Because I changed my mind.

Why don’t you want to have kids anymore? Because I changed my mind. Period.

Why are we so strapped to your original decision, why do we fear change so much that we’ve actually created a taboo around changing our minds and think it’s BAD, or selfish, or irresponsible?

Shame, the anger behind making a bad decision, fear, or just the simple feeling of obligation towards others. These could be some of the reasons behind being scared to change your mind. 

Here’s the thing…if you know you are not changing your mind due to fear, shame, the shoulds, or uncertainty….you are literally forcing a life that is not designed for you. Forcing things is one of the BIGGEST BLOCKS to manifesting – because it’s unnatural! And it doesn’t feel good. Staying trapped on a path that you don’t want to be on, not voicing your authentic desire, or living a life that is not aligned with your values – this doesn’t feel good! It drops your vibration because you are wasting so much energy on what other people think or fear of the unknown that you cannot put all of your energy into feeling the positive feelings of what that life would feel like if you did change your mind…and live your authentic truth.

When can you change your mind?

It is ok to change your mind if:
You realize you previously made a mistake or misjudged a situation, and you realize there is a better way to do it. 

It is ok to change your mind if:
You previously made a decision before identifying your desires, values, and passions and that decision does not align with them.

It is ok to change your mind if:
You’ve outgrown a past version of yourself and the decisions they made. 

It is ok to change your mind if:
Circumstances have changed.

It is ok to change your mind if:
It means someone is going to be upset or disappointed in you. 

At the end of the day, you have to live your truth. YOUR truth. And guess what – it’s okay if your truth changes. Because YOU change. Allow yourself to change, don’t force an old version of yourself or apologize for a new one. You are allowed to change, as a person, and you are allowed to change your mind. PERIOD.


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