Get Rid of Those Toxic People!

Published January 10th, 2023 by Phoenixadmin

Remember when Britney Spears sang about being toxic and we all thought it was so cool and glamorous and then fast-forward 20 years later, we are just DONE with toxic people. We are exhausted. We are annoyed at ourselves for continuously allowing toxic people in our lives like…wait, what, how did this happen again?

You have any toxic people in your life? Who is absolutely draining your energy? You’re like, yeah I can think of 3 of them off the top of my head! HELP.

Maybe you can’t think of one toxic person in your life – and to that, I’ll say either good job for already weeding them out and healing, prioritizing your recovery. Or…if you haven’t experienced that and can’t think of any toxic people, maybe you’re turning a blind eye to it because it seems like “the easier option.” Narrator’s voice, “It was not, in fact, the easier option.” We’ll get to that in a bit.

Maybe, when I asked that question, you thought of someone but are like, “No no, Meg, it’s not that bad – they’re just in a rough spot, they’re not toxic – it’s fine, don’t be dramatic.”

First rule: STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR TOXIC PEOPLE. Let’s pause for the cause – literally pause. It’s easy to put something like a confrontation with a toxic person off and distract yourself with other things. This does nothing for you. Don’t go talking shit on the person to everyone else and then not DO anything about it. Pause. What does your GUT tell you?

It is crucial to get the toxic people out of your life – why? Because toxic people can make you feel consumed by a negative self-image. They isolate you from people who are actually good for you and who will actually treat you with the respect you deserve. And if all you are filled with is negative energy….what are you going to get more of? It’s imperative to rid yourself of toxic people. 

Once you get rid of the toxic people in your life and identify behaviors – the toxic person’s AND your own – that continue to allow this loop of toxic people to enter your life, you can begin to free yourself of toxicity and find positive, healthy relationships to spend time on instead.

Grab a notebook, pen, and your favorite podcast app for a deep dive into getting rid of all the toxic people in your life! 

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