Enneagram Workshop Teacher HTX

Enneagram Workshop Teacher HTX

An enneagram is a valuable tool for developing emotional and mental self-awareness, and it is sufficient to teach you more than you would have discovered over a short period. Our advisor and executive coach offer enneagram coaching services with a high rating because we have done our psychometric research and developed systems that work well with many different people’s weaknesses, strongholds, and personality types.

Our financial consulting services are highly customizable to each person and provide efficient reference tools for business people and anyone who would like a little guidance in understanding themselves. All the tools provided by our team have passed the mark in the industry and have proven to help improve interrelations between staff, communication among couples, and boosting self-awareness to improve confidence and self-acceptance.

Understanding The Enneagram For Personality Development 

The enneagram’s personality tests are tools you want in your back pocket to improve your self-awareness in tricky situations. Millennials and Gen Z have created a more encompassing environment in everything because they fully accept these self-development tools. Career coaches have better results when they find ways to gain insight into their clients’ strengths and blind spots instead of fumbling assumptions and wild estimations.

As a leadership transformation coach, I find that using the tool in combination with other spiritual tools has helped connect clients with parts of themselves they would not have discovered unless they went through mind-blowing meditative experiences. Identifying all these different personality types and the specific things that make them stronger allows the candidate to know that they are not inferior, and their worst traits can be used to strengthen their overall persona and performance.

What You Will Learn Through Enneagram Coaching Sessions 

Types Of Enneagram Personalities 

  1. The reformer has solid principles and can be controlling but also pioneering.
  2. The helper has a caring and generous person, which can be used to offer tangible help or turn into a manipulative trait.
  3. The achiever is ambitious and charming and can sometimes turn these traits into their dark side, which becomes negatively competitive.
  4. The individualist is an expressive artist who thrives by living in their truth; hence they are the best person to place in an innovative space.
  5. An investigator is the most intellectual and curious and will do all the research you need to accomplish a given task effectively.
  6. The challenger is a powerful and assertive persona you want to use when you want an aggressive approach to a situation.
  7. A peacemaker will be mostly easygoing and be the harmonizer you need to balance your internal and external world.
  8. An enthusiast is playful and will seek new adventures to keep the space tolerable when faced with complex complications.

How To Apply The Enneagram From The Business Group Coaching

The enneagram system shows that each personality is well interconnected into the system, and every one of us has a bit of every section. The best way to use this tool is to rely on your mind and heart when studying each personality type, so you can be sure of your choice and believe your decisions are the right thing to do.

Are you interested in getting started with our enneagram workshop teacher in HTX? Contact us now to book a consultation for personal coaching services.

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