Enneagram Personality Training Houston

Enneagram Personality Training Houston

What does the enneagram say about our personalities? According to this system, each of us has a personality type with different motivations, communication styles, fears, and fundamentals. All of these different beliefs play a significant role in how we view the world, so it is safe to say that it pays to broaden our understanding of it to better resolve stressful situations in a social or work setting.

Everything About How The Free Enneagram Personality Test Works

The enneagram has nine different personality types, producing different behaviors and offering consistently different motivations in various scenarios. We will begin by breaking down the geometric symbol of the enneagram, so you have a more healthy idea of what each section represents and how it interacts with the other types.

The Enneagram Symbol 

The symbol is a circle with nine pointy dots around the circumference. The points are numbered clockwise and have even space between one another.

The points are the highest point of the triangle connecting three different numbers. An easy way to interpret this is that the triangle represents the individuality of each persona and its correlation with other similar personas. In contrast, the circle represents the unity that connects all human life. It is believed that the interconnection between the triangles represents the ease with which we can transition into different personas or adapt one or two traits that help us to have a more realistic and human approach to life.

How Realistic Is The Enneagram Online Test?

Many people are hesitant against using this system because all of us can't fit into the same personality descriptions. However, the tool does not work under harsh conditions, and each persona is fully capable of picking up a new habit from another or slowly reintegrating to become a completely different type. Many people agree that they resonate with more than one persona and appreciate that.

The most important thing to remember is that no number on the Enneagram personality test is superior, which means no personality is better than the next. Each one carries a different set of strengths and weaknesses depending on one’s alignment to self.

Applying The Results Of An Accurate Enneagram Test 

Most people use it as a tool that helps with self-reflection and offers new insight into different areas of their life. The system has become a favored option in professional counseling sessions, business coaching platforms, and therapy services. We think you can use it to further your business or career goals, so make sure to get in touch with us if you wish to have a guiding hand through aggressive personal and spiritual growth.

How Not To Use The Enneagram 

The enneagram is only valid when you know the best way to approach it and apply its knowledge in real-life scenarios. The most unhelpful approach of this tool is reducing its numbers to represent the rigidity of the human personality. Do not use this system to flatten your well-rounded persona into one boring and unrealistic format.

Let Phoenix 8 help you understand how best to use it for holistic health in your personal and business life by contacting our Enneagram expert here for a consultation on an Enneagram personality training in Houston.

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