Enneagram Assessment Spring TX

Enneagram Assessment Spring TX

There is no simple way to explain why humans act and how we can group our personalities to know how each person will act. The human race has tried to do this by delving into things like religion, astrology, psychology, and most recently, online quizzes promising you an accurate analysis of your persona.

Science has come up with several ways to establish the patterns behind certain behaviors so that we can draw educated insights into all the different inclinations. The free enneagram personality test is one of these advanced personality model tools.

All You Need To Know About The Enneagram Assessment Test In Spring TX 

The personality test has backing by several research models, which all state that each one of us fits into personalities that all fall within a circular diagram. The main goal of the enneagram was to use psychology to explain how we all behave. All the personality types in the Enneagram personality test chart include:

  • Achievers
  • Individualist
  • Peacemaker
  • Reformer
  • Helper
  • Loyalist
  • Investigator
  • Challenger
  • Enthusiast

The theory states that people who have a dominant personality in the enneagram chart should find environments and more relevant experiences in their lives. The theory suggests that milder personas will do well in certain job positions and career paths, which means they have just as much chance to succeed as the more dominant ones.

How The Enneagram Model Ties Into Business Coaching 

Our sessions are designed to help you find clarity about your mind and the many aspects that affect your performance in business. It is an excellent tool to establish your temperament and predict possible reactions you could have in different experiences. Here is how we use the results we get from the assessment to improve your training for business or your workplace.

Identifies Your Leadership Style 

The Enneagram online test identifies personality types to distinguish one’s habits, traits, thought patterns, etc. We can use the information to understand how you grasp different concepts, your style of resolving conflict, and how you operate in a group or personal setting to achieve the collective goals.  

Allows Better Team-Building 

An accurate enneagram test is the easiest way for you to have a more accurate idea of how you communicate with team members and facilitate team building. We enhance the development of your mind so you can find a communication style that will help you express the actual thoughts in your mind and form helpful relations with other people.

Enhances Your Business Relations 

How much interaction do you need to have in your business? Do you often interact with clients, suppliers, partners, and other entities? How do you perceive the communication, and how does it help achieve better goals?

A lot of start-up entrepreneurs cannot sign bigger deals because they do not know how to communicate with the people they need the most. Perhaps a reasonable explanation for this is that they are not confident in themselves and do not feel they can command respect and appreciation.

Check out our information online and contact our Enneagram expert to book a consultation.

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